Noah Earp's pathway to music was steady but inescapable. His first love was poetry: there were early attempts to capture hallucinatory voices into short pieces, some of which were read at slam sessions in the jazz clubs of New York while he was still in high school. Since turning his talents towards music, he studied jazz under the tutelage of some of Australia's biggest names.

He has played at a number of Australian venues including The Espy, The Evelyn Hotel, and The Toff in Town, and wowed the Cygnet Folk Festival and recently completed a successful tour of India, including the Blue Frog in Mumbai and Delhi. Noah is currently in the middle of recording his debut album with producer Jonathan Dreyfus slated for release in 2016.

Noah's songs are tender, suffused with melancholy, marked by a delicate tone and suggestive words. He fingerpicks his guitar in an array of altered tunings; composes his lyrics with a rare ear for sound and symbolism; and sings in a distinctive baritone. The songs betray a magpie's eye for musical detail - dabs of unexpected harmony compete with minimalist electronic textures, while chamber-inspired strings ornament the folky underpinnings.